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Just a few of our clients...

"FINALLY... Golf Course Marketing Agency That
Knows What It's Like to be an Owner/Operator"

  • The #1 thing that golf courses from all over the world like about working with me... is I am also a golf course owner. I have been in the golf business for over 20 years. And I know first hand about how tough the golf business can be...
  • ...After relentless trial and error, creating over $500,000.00 in marketing and advertising, mentorship from the greatest minds in marketing, and working with some of the top golf courses in the world, I discovered the secret to selling tee times and attracting more members. Today I am the world’s most sought after golf course marketing consultant famous for creating wildly profitable promotions with NO money out of pocket…
  • With the help of my team and I, you can stop draining your bank account on marketing and advertising that is not making you money... you can easily tear away from third party discounters without seeing play drop... and you will watch your play and profits soar... earning back many times your investment into working together.
  • Many of my clients switch from other "golf marketing gurus" or they use me as their secret weapon while working with a website providers, booking engines, and marketing platforms such as Coursetrends, 1-2-1 Marketing, Cyber Golf, Golf Now, or the like...

Why Ace Golf Marketing Trumps Any Other Golf
Course Marketing Company on The Planet…

In addition to being in the trenches as a current owner in the cut-throat golf business... I have worked with all of the companies listed on this page...

...And the ONE BIG difference between Ace Golf Marketing and any other golf marketing company or "guru" you will ever work with is simple: In many cases,  I am only paid for the results we get together which is why...

... if I can't help you, I will NOT take you as a client. I refuse to take your money if I can't, at a bare minimum, DOUBLE your investment into working with me. (That's my guarantee to you by the way. Ace Golf Marketing is also the ONLY golf marketing consultant/company out there that offers a "Double Your Money Back" Guarantee.)

Now that you who we serve... Here's who we can help...

Is this YOU?

  • You are sick and tired of seeing unfilled tee times pass every 7 minutes... And you want a system you can turn on and off to sell more tee times when you want—so you can control your monthly rounds and revenues quickly and easily.
  • You see Membership declining, year after year... And you refuse to participate in the golf discount war... You want to maintain your pricing, yet attract new Members
  • You'd like to eliminate discounting middlemen, and have more golfers paying more for golf... And if you choose to discount, you want to be the source golfers turn to rather than a third party...
  • You would like more golfers responding to your offers. So, you can send out an offer when your tee sheet is light and fill open tee times without taking much time or costing anything...

If this is YOU, I can help. You see, over the years I have developed systems that attract golfers through compelling copy, irresistible offers, advancements in technology, and leveraging the most powerful media on the planet... In the past year I took a small handful of clients. Of those clients, the least amount of net profit I was directly accountable for was $24, 745.00 within 10 days.

Some clients saw profits skyrocket--adding $30,000.00 and even $48,550.00 to their bottom line in just 30-60 days. If you'd like to get these same highly-profitable results at your golf course too, simply apply to work with me. Of course, there is NO OBLIGATION, NO COST, and NEVER PRESSURE. After our initial call you will have a plan to increase play and profits.  And if you want me to help you implement the plan, we can talk about that too. Either way you simply cannot lose


If you are wondering whether or not we can get you results,
you might want to see what clients are saying before you apply…

I had the opportunity to work with Jordan Hansen for the first time this year (2014), and we are very pleased with the results. I found his work to be professional, on time, measurable, and well worth the money – IN JUST 29 DAYS WE SOLD $32,696.00 WORTH OF GOLF PACKAGES! I spoke with my board yesterday and updated them on the program, and they were very impressed. I am looking forward to working with Jordan in the future to help grow my business through his professional marketing solutions.

Jim Mason, PGA, Director of Golf
Jim Mason, PGA, Director of Golf Pendleton Golf Club, 804-448-4727

We SOLD $24,753.92 Within 10 Days in Zero Degree Weather!!!

Jordan and I met in February of 2014. I found his information online and applied to work together. Over the next few weeks Jordan and I had several discussions about my course and our unique situation. I was skeptical at first, as we had only met online... But once I got to know Jordan better I could tell he was a trustworthy person. Jordan helped me promote our 50-50 Club Membership. Within just 10 days of running our promotion he helped us sell $24,753.92 worth of golf ONLINE! Keep in mind this was amidst one of the worst winters we have ever seen...

Dave Bachmann Jr., Co-Owner The Bull at Pinehurst Farms, 1.800.5.THEBULL

“JORDAN ROCKS!!! HE KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK adding 591 new golfers to our database in just 18 days for only $200 in advertising … IF YOU GET THE CHANCE, HIRE HIM. HE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!

Janet and Ricky Self, Owner/Operators
Janet and Ricky Self, Owner/Operators Cypress Creek Golf Club, (501) 605-8000

22 New Members--Nothing out of pocket!

Jordan and I connected in late 2013. My membership base had continually been declining over the years. I needed a way to bring in new members but I wasn't sure who to turn to. After reviewing Jordan's membership literature, I had no choice but to give it a shot, since you pay nothing out of pocket and he is only paid on new members he brings you! Long story short, we brought in 22 new members from our campaign! I have already hired Jordan for 2015!

Mark Krause, Owner, President, PGA Professional,
Mark Krause, Owner, President, PGA Professional, Muskego Lakes Golf Club, (414) 425-6500

Great To Work With, Wonderful Integrity, & Can’t Wait To See How Much More We Can Benefit!

Ken Pierce, President, GolfGym
Ken Pierce, President, GolfGym

2013 Was A Record Year & We Just Keep Getting Better!

Jordan has made a huge impact on our daily fee play, memberships, and banquets. 2013 was a record year for us and we just keep getting better year after year! This was our third year with Jordan and his team as our outsourced marketing department and I wouldn’t have it any other way… Our email list continues to grow, Facebook presence is far beyond any other course in the area, and we get requests for tournaments, outings, banquets, memberships, and tee times everyday through our website!

Scott Schaefer, Head Golf Professional & General Manager,
Scott Schaefer, Head Golf Professional & General Manager, The Woodlands Golf Club

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“Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden Within Your Golf Course”

I’ve worked with golf courses across the globe, from Top 100 Courses to Mom and Pop Clubs, created over $500,000 worth of marketing and advertising, and, in many cases, turned each dollar into $5, $6, $7 and even $10.

…And over the years of relentless testing, measuring, tweaking, and retesting, I’ve discovered 13 surefire ways to increase profits that are hidden within your golf course. You can tap into these “Profit Pockets” WITHOUT SPENDING A DOLLAR.


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These are just a few of the battle-tested golf marketing resources available to you... and we're adding new tee time selling, member making, and list building information almost every week!

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