How To Build A List Of Golfers

CASE STUDY REVEALS… How We Added 591 Unique Golfers in 18 Days For Just $200  If you would like a simple, quick, and wildly effective strategy to build a list of hyper-responsive golfers…. And if you want to drive new golfers to your course within days, read this case study to finish… Build a list…

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Will you make the cut?
[4Q’s for Q4]

Today marks the 10th day into Q4. That means you have only 80 days to make 2014 a standout year at your club… and 80 days to decide how to fill 2015 with more rounds, members, and profits. Answers to these four questions will guide you: WHO is your best customer? Where do they hang…

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Marketing Book for Golf Courses

The only marketing book I’ve read twice before finishing once… HIGHLY recommended for copywriters, advertisers, marketers, consultants, and anyone in the golf business. Before I give you my notes from this great marketing book … it’s worth mentioning that 90% of the content I read in this book has never been in the hundreds of other…

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Will Rory Mcilroy save golf?

Will Rory save golf? (Google says yes!)

As you can see by this Google search trend more people are now interested in golf… And after Rory McIlroy just won three straight golf tournaments, two of which were majors, and is all over the news…   … People are suddenly interested in golf! Will Rory be what Tiger was to golf… During the…

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Golf Course Marketing Plans

Golf Course Marketing Plans For The Smart Operator

Developing a course marketing plan will at least TRIPLE your chances of profitability in the golf business… This blog post is designed to help you create a golf course marketing plan that will bring you at a bare minimum of $3 for every dollar you put in… And in some cases, spit out as much as $10+ for every dollar…

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Golf Course Crisis

“Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden Within Your Golf Course”

I’m writing you today because I have something important for you. And frankly, this may be the most important information you’ve seen all year…and it’s certainly the most important blog I’ve posted this year. What if I told you there is likely $20,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 in untapped profits right under your nose… What if you…

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How Jim increased profits $29,743.00 (in 29 days)

The date was April 18, 2014. Jim Mason (Director of golf at Pendleton Golf Club) had been promoting his Pendleton 6-Pack (6 rounds of golf) since the January 1st. His sales were capped out. No one was buying. He had already sent dozens of emails… posted on facebook… and used every trick in the book…

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Fill Your Tee Sheet

How to Sell More Tee Times

Are you looking for a way to fill your empty tee sheet? Want to sell more tee times? This blog post is for you. I have written an extensive article on: How to Sell More Tee Times … already at the link above. I HIGHLY recommend reading that article if you want to fill your…

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Facebook Marketing for Golf Courses

Golf Social Media Content Calendar

Organizing your content is very important. You must have a calendar with all the content you want to post to your social media sites. Each month your calendar should be uploaded to your social media sites (Facebook). Click here to download your social media content calendar For more information on how you can make social…

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Facebook Marketing for Golf Courses

Two Simple Strategies To Get More Likes (Free Video 1)

You are about to see two eye-opening strategies to get more Likes, for FREE! Golf Social Media Marketing  This is short golf course social media marketing video is about you building up your Facebook fan page and getting more fans for free. This is a very quick and easy lesson I’m going to give you…

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