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    95% of golf courses actually repel the golfers they hope to attract — here’s how YOU can avoid this mind-blowing mistake…

  • How to Ethically "Steal" Golfers from Competitors

    Are you losing golfers to competition? Is the neighboring course low-balling you? Here’s how you put a STOP to it…

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~ Jordan Hansen

I had the opportunity to work with Jordan Hansen for the first time this year (2014), and we are very pleased with the results. I found his work to be professional, on time, measurable, and well worth the money – IN JUST 29 DAYS WE SOLD $32,696.00 WORTH OF GOLF PACKAGES! I spoke with my board yesterday and updated them on the program, and they were very impressed. I am looking forward to working with Jordan in the future to help grow my business through his professional marketing solutions.

Jim Mason, PGA, Director of Golf
Pendleton Golf Club, 804-448-4727

“JORDAN ROCKS!!! HE KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK adding 591 new golfers to our database in just 18 days for only $200 in advertising … IF YOU GET THE CHANCE, HIRE HIM. HE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!

Janet and Ricky Self, Owner/Operators
Cypress Creek Golf Club, (501) 605-8000

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