An Urgent Message for Every Golf Course Owner and Manager

How to fill your tee sheet 
using social media

Plus get these additional benefits:

  • Reach more golfers.
  • Create an advantage that cannot be duplicated.
  • Out-market your competition.
  • Leverage the most powerful medium on the planet.
  • Build your email list.
  • Create golfer loyalty.
  • Get more outings and tournaments.
  • Become the go-to source for golf info in your market.
  • Sell more banquets, events, and receptions.
  • Build a business you love.

WITHOUT constant discounting & wasting time

Thursday, 11:18 AM
June 19, 2014

Dear Fellow Operator,

On May 22, 2014, Bloomberg published the latest data on the golf industry. “Golf Market Stuck in Bunker as Thousands Leave the Sport” was the title of the article. According to the National Golf Foundation, 400,000 players left the sport in 2013.

Moreover, the severe winter throughout the Nation revealed approximately 75% of golf courses are behind on rounds this year. “Dick’s Sporting Goods shows golf merchandise sales down $34 million in the first quarter. Callaway also reports a dim sales report for last month and has not made a profit since 2008,” as reported by Bloomberg.  Let’s face it... the golf industry is still on a downward spiral.

Opportunity Knocks

Will you answer? Some courses are making more profits than ever. Spend just 5 minutes reading this -- I will share ONE BIG opportunity that you can capitalize on.

Imagine having a turnkey solution to get more golfers coming through your doors WITHOUT “giving the farm away”… finally conquering social media and other marketing problems… But first, let me share this true story with you. If you believe me, you will be rewarded with more golfers this year, if you don’t believe me, I will make it worth your time to change your mind.

Let me explain.

Doomed for Discounting

Scott is a friend of mine. He is a course manager. Like many others in the golf business, he has been trained to discount golf, although he knows better. Scott says it best, “I cringe every time I click upload—discounting more tee times. I know I am training golfers to pay less to play my course… but that’s the only way I know to get more players in the door.”

What should I do?

You see, Scott was never taught marketing. He only knew what they taught him at and all the other online discounters. To lower prices, give away golf, and try to increase volume. Hopefully he can make it up somewhere in the end… this is making a BIG MISTAKE. -- Gone Now!

You see Scott is a lot like you and I. He had been trained by golf discounters to offer price breaks in hopes of increasing revenues. And, in all honesty, that's how I started out too when was born. They sold me just like almost every other course when they first came out in 2008. It took me a couple years before I discovered how to reach local players and eliminate the middleman,

I have been working in for over 10 years now. And have learned some hard lessons along the way… been burnt, ripped off, taken advantage of, and spent money on marketing and advertising that just doesn’t work. The good news is, you don’t have to. If you want to shortcut all my mistakes, read on.

When Scott came to me for help, I explained why discounting was killing his course, why giving away golf on other websites was moronic, and why he should be selling his own inventory, at the prices he wants, on his OWN WEBSITE. But how will you get more golfers to you?


Golfers at Your Fingertips

You must reach golfers, you must add entertainment value, you must create strong relationships, and you must do this with a strategy your competitors cannot duplicate.

It’s possible for you to become the most popular golf course in your area on a shoestring budget. You may know by now that you have to be using the Internet to reach more golfers, and to get them to your course. The absolute best place to advertise, to create a bond with golfers, and to put your offers in front of golfers is Facebook.

9 of 10 American adults are on Facebook. Golfers are on Facebook. Facebook is the single best place for you to attract more golfers, establish relationships, and become the course that all the area golfers are talking about.

But you cannot just promote. No one likes the guy at the BBQ that is always handing out business cards. Facebook is a place to socialize 85% of the time with golf news, information, and great content. Then promote your course, offers, and events the other 15% of the time.

Scott and I teamed up to test out this new theory at his golf course. . . And, as you can see the results are quite remarkable!

Here's What You Can Expect...

You can get these same results with my help!

Scott's Facebook Page With Me as His Social Media Manager for the Last Week

Don't let this happen to you too...

Client who was not using my social media management services (He is now).

As you can see the increases in golfer reach, activity, and engagement is superb for Scott. 

What every golf course operator ought to know...about social media

Facebook Myth #1: More “likes” means more golfers

This is the biggest myth EVER and the one secret you should know about Facebook. The number of likes you have on your page has little to do with your success on Facebook for 3 reasons. One, if likes are not local golfers, they will actually cost you more money to advertise to when they are not golfers. Two, some “likes” are actually robots. Careful what you pay for, and never fall for the “I will get you 1,000 likes for $$$” scam. Three, if you are getting likes and NOT getting engagement on your page, Facebook will STOP showing your posts to your fans because they are not interested in your content.

Facebook Myth #2: You should only post once daily

Facebook has become over saturated with information. If you are not posting content to your page at least 3-5 times daily, you are missing valuable opportunities to reach more golfers.

People use Facebook because they want entertainment. They are passing time. They want to see great information, great content, and to be entertained. If you are posting great information, you cannot post to frequently. 

Let Me Do The Sifting… Wading…
And Thinking For You!

Creating content (information) that golfers like, share, engage, share, and love is not simple. This is more than just making a post to your Facebook page... or a tweet on twitter. Here is the rigorous process I use to create remarkable content.

Step 1:

It all starts each month with research... My CCC (Chief Content Creator) works day in and day out sifting... wading... and digging through mountains of golf newsletters, articles, Facebook posts, blogs, Newsfeeds, and more – and filtering out the top 100 pieces of content for my review.

With thousands of pieces of news, golf content, products, tips, and other information already sifted through, and deemed worthy to use for our promotion... its now time for me to get to work.

Step 2:

I take 100 +/- pieces of compelling golf content and dig through it with a fine toothcomb. I thoroughly analyze the links, the copy, the images, and I put myself in the shoes of our customer, the avid golfer. Then I ask myself... if I saw this, would I click? Would I comment? Would I share this with my friends?

If the answer is YES!

Then I put the content into pile A. After I have carefully selected the top 30 pieces of content, I package the information up into files. Those files are then sent to you for you to use in your email marketing, on your blog, and anywhere you want!

I take these 30 unique pieces of content and upload them to your Facebook page. But not just any upload... I use Facebook software to determine when your Fans are online, and then position the absolute best posts in front of your fans when our reach will be greatest.

The result = more likes, comments, shares, and golfers loving you... patronizing your golf course.

Instead of wasting HUNDREDS of hours trying to do this yourself put me to work for you. You serve the golfers I bring you.

Would You Like Your Course To...

Have an Impossible Advantage to Duplicate. What I’m about to share will be Impossible (and illegal) for your competitors to copy. You will have your first ever, TRUE competitive advantage.

Charge more per round—Not discounting. Using this approach, your course will have a higher perceived value without making course improvements. Rather than discounting to get more play, you can keep prices up without losing golfers.

Create a bond with local players. You know who your friendliest person on staff is. Imagine having that same presence online. Building relationships with local golfers 24/7/365. Golfers will feel like you are a friend. Someone they know, they like, they trust, they want to see, and they love to buy from.

You can quickly and easily get all of these advantages without having to hire a new staff member, without spending money on high priced ads, and without spending any of your time.

That’s right. I will personally be your Social Media Manager. This truly is a done-for-you system that will immediately attract more golfers -- Guaranteed.

At Last!
Social Media Made Easy

If you would like to see the "Social Media Made Easy" Video Series, for FREE, click here.

Every Month You're Getting Everything You Need To Sell More Tee Times, Build Your Fan Base, & Collect More Emails Automatically...

I pay good money for the best Facebook marketing software money can buy… you reap the rewards without paying for it. This software finds the hottest trending golf content on the planet – in addition to the content my CCC has already sifted through. So you can be sure the info posted to your Facebook page is always up-to-date and spot on. (This makes your course the source for golf news – which means more golfers will be looking to hear from you, see you as a leader in your market, and want to buy from you)

How many times have you sat behind the computer... in front of a blank screen... not knowing what to post or what to write? Never again. Enjoy copywriting by me, personally. Sifted through by my CCC, filtered down to the top 100 pieces, then picked through with a fine toothcomb, and rewritten by me. What’s left is 30 pieces of compelling content that will help you reach more golfers, and have your name on their minds more often.

Your Fans will enjoy a nice mix of golf info ranging from PGA tournament picks, hottest golf products, fresh content, the world’s best golf courses, trips, fashions, ads, comedy strips, and much, much more. In short, they will not want to leave your Facebook page... and when they do, they will be coming to your course.

You will drive more golfers to you. Now that Facebook allows you to run promotions right on your wall, you will have a proven template to build engagement, boost rounds, collect more leads, and grow your list and bank account built right into your content marketing strategy.

Imagine if you could post at the optimal time when the most golfers are online... You can! I analyze your facebook audience and post more compelling content when more golfers are online – resulting in more reach and more golfers talking about you, liking you, seeing you, and buying from you!

If you are not testing and measuring your marketing and advertising, you cannot improve. You are making a big mistake. You can easily see how much I am helping your course by looking at your golfer reach and engagement. You immediately see increases in “Likes”, Comments, Shares, Messages, and Clicks! “So you know your investment is paying for itself!”

RIGHT INSIDE OF FACEBOOK!  Now you can easily turn your Facebook fans into email subscribers and customers... right inside your Facebook page! I will be creating a high-converting landing page and embedding this into your Facebook page and content strategy. Turn Facebook Users, Fans, & Golfers into email subscribers, then into regular customers! 

Don't Worry...

  • No Facebook Account Needed

You don’t need a personal Facebook account to participate. Yes, you must have a business page; this is where we will get golfers buzzing! (If you don’t have a page, we can create one in 5 minutes, send an email to your list and be up and running in the same day!)

  • No Work Required

I personally hate when I sign up for something, then down the road realize I just created another job for myself. Your time is valuable. You serve the customers I bring you – easy. This is truly an effortless – WORK DONE-FOR-YOU – program you can leverage to sell more golf. 

Now You Can Engage, Entertain, & Excite Area Golfers Without Breaking the Bank, and Without Spending Any Time—I do it all for you!

I will make your golf course the center of attention. It will build relationships. Create smiles. Make laughs. Generate referrals, BUZZ, and most importantly, bring you more golfers quickly.

All you have to do is sign up, and make me admin of you Facebook page. We are done. I will personally be promoting your course for you--you will NEVER stress out about social media again!

What Else You’re Getting...

Here’s Who I Want To Work For...

Since you are still reading, I will assume one of these sounds like you:

  • You own or operate a golf course and want to reach more local golfers, you want better brand recognition, you want to be top of mind, and you want to be the only golf course that local golfers are talking about online.
  • You want to create lasting relationships and more rapport with local golfers without struggling to figure out facebook’s latest change, without spending time looking for content, and without pulling your hair out.
  • You want to drive more golfers to you at a lower cost than any other media (In other words, you are smart – just wait until you see all the golfers we reach everyday!).
  • You realize that outsourcing compelling content creation will save you countless hours, headaches, and lost sleep – And you understand the emotional attachment golfers are forming with you is far more important than number of “likes”. (Finally, size doesn’t matter!)
  • You want to create a competitive advantage in your market that adds value to local golfers, that makes your course stand out, and that is impossible for your competitors to copy.

If any of these sounds like you, the biggest mistake you can make is passing on this unbeatable opportunity. Once we start working together, you will look back and wonder how you ever second-guessed yourself

More Than 7x Your Money’s Worth!

When I added up the time and money invested in researching and creating each month of content even I was a bit astonished to realize that…

… Each month is jam-packed with $2,300+ worth of work. It takes me and my CCC (Chief Content Creator) countless hours to create priceless golf images, find golf trends, discover new golf products, fetch golf news, top tips, success stories, and updates… Then it takes me at least 48 hours to personally write all the copy, create all the images, and post all the content to your page daily...

Yet while you might expect to pay as much as $1,500 per month for me personally as your Social Media Manager. I’m proud to make this opportunity available at the very fair monthly investment of just $297.

But there’s more

This opportunity is better because I have spent more time producing, creating, and tightly editing the "magnetic content" than I would spend on an individual account.

You come out ahead with compelling content for pennies on the dollar without sacrificing uniqueness. I come out ahead by selling enough subscriptions to justify my time invested.

We both win here.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Yes, you’re right it does! And just to show you how dedicated I am to your success... I’m bending over backwards with what may be the...


I like to put my money where my mouth is… Which is why I am the ONLY “golf marketing guru” out there that offers money back guarantees. (Because I know my stuff works and is worth every penny) So, you are getting my no risk now, no risk later…

"Doubly Risk Free Guarantee"

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t immediately see more Fan engagement, more comments, more questions, more “likes”, more “shares”, more messages, and at least a 200% increase in your Facebook page’s overall reach, simply let me know in the first 30 days. I will promptly refund your money, and continue working for you. Which means…

I work free. You pay nothing if you are not happy.

I bet you’re thinking that many people will take advantage of me with this remarkable offer. And you’re right, there may be a few bad apples out there that only sign up to put me to work for free. But why ruin it for the other 99% of people like you who just want good value for your money.

That’s why I’m doing this — to prove to you that I am worth every penny. And I am 100% sure you will want to stay with me, even though you can certainly get your money back if you’d like. To date, not one person has ever been unhappy with this program.

With this exceptional offer, I’m sure this opportunity will not last…



Hurry… ONLY 47 Licenses Remain
as I write this

Like any no-risk, all reward opportunity, there is extremely limited availability. Here’s why.

I don’t want my content to be over saturated. If you want to be the only course in your area that has access to my content, you must ACT NOW because I am only working with 100 courses, and only 47 spots remain.

This is for your protection. No other courses or anyone else around you has access to this captivating content. When you sign up right now, you will get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to your area. In my opinion, this is the best part about working with me — the peace of mind you get knowing you have an advantage over competitors that cannot be duplicated.

That means you will be the ONLY ONE in your market with me as your social media manager.

I want you to know that I am offering you real value here. I also want to reward the doers, who are ready to get started today with…

Read on for more information or

Start Now Risk FreeCall 1-855-480-GOLF (4653)

$450 in Bonus Marketing & Consulting
(First 5 ONLY)

If you are one of the first 5 doers and take action today, I will give you three Fast-Action Bonus Strategies to jump-start your success immediately! And this bonus offer is strictly limited to the first 5 because I only have time for 5 consultations this month and I have already blocked time from my schedule for these.

You're getting:

Fast-Action Bonus Strategy #1

Jordan-Hansen-Golf-Marketing-MaverickKick-off consulting call – This alone is worth your first month’s investment into this program ($300 Value). On our call, I will go through your page with you. Analyze your current strategy and immediately give you recommendations on how you can create a competitive advantage in your market with me as your partner (Yes! You really can!)

Fast-Action Bonus Strategy #2

GOLF BUZZ – BONUS 2 - Customer Crossover-COVERCustomer Crossover Email ($100 Value) – This email template is created and written by me, personally, to send to your email list. It will get more golfers from your list to your Facebook page. This means you can connect with more of your customers via email and on Facebook. Caution: You will immediately see an increase in likes and engagement on your Facebook page after sending this email.”


Fast-Action Bonus Strategy #3

How To Get More Likes, Emails, And Tee Times UsingHow To Get More Likes, Emails, And Tee Times Using Facebook Ads ($50 Value) – In this report, I reveal 10 Potent ad strategies your competitors aren’t doing… that will almost immediately increase your Likes, email subscribers, and sell more tee times than you ever thought possible with Facebook! (No hype–all course-tested strategies)

With this bonus I’m sharing how you can:

  • Turn website visitors into raving fans
  • Convert your email list into fans without emailing them
  • Legally “steal” fans of big name pages like Titleist, Nike, and Callaway
  • Sell more to your fans
  • Sell to your email list on Facebook
  • Sell to recent website visitors on Facebook
  • And much, much more...

To be honest, this bonus alone will show you how to recoup your investment into working together many times over in the first month.

Extra Bonus

facebook-and-twitter“Maximize your content investment on Twitter” – I am going the extra mile for you with you when you sign up today. I will link your twitter account (if you have one) to your Facebook page. You will reach more golfers and build your following on both Facebook and Twitter!

$450 in Bonus Gifts (First 5 ONLY)

Click Here To StartOr Call 1-855-480-GOLF (4653)

WARNING: Don’t Miss Out

When your competitor starts working with me – you will never be able to capitalize on this opportunity. It all goes back to the first mover advantage. I want my clients to succeed more than anything. If you chose to work with me first, you are the ONLY one in your entire market that I work with. It's just that simple.

Right now, you have the opportunity to create a serious competitive advantage for many years to come.


August Deadline Is In...

Read on for more information or

Sign Up Now!Call 1-855-480-GOLF (4653)

Right now you have two choices

You can either continue discounting, diminishing your brand, your reputation, your bottom line, you can keep doing the same thing as all the other courses… Falling deeper into the trap of failure. Staying awake at night thinking about how you can be different. How you can create an advantage to swing in your favor. How you can secure your job.


You can invest into working together without risking anything. You can have entertaining, engaging, and exciting content directly in front of your target market every day – building stronger loyalty, selling more tee times, tournaments, banquets, outings, and collecting more emails.

You will enjoy a competitive advantage that NO OTHER course will be able to touch.

The choice is yours.


Jordan Hansen

Yes! Sign Me Up!Call 1-855-480-GOLF (4653)

There are only 47 licenses available. DO NOT wait another minute. The biggest problem you will have is that we didn't start yesterday. Start now, click here.

If you are like me and too busy to read this, here’s the deal…

  • This is a rare opportunity to have me, personally, as your Facebook page manager without risking anything. If you don't love my work, you don't pay. Simple as that.
  • Get all the latest trending content, news, hottest products, and latest information that golfers love posted directly to your social networks EVERYDAY! (Golfers cannot stop thinking about you – it’s like having a full time content creator and golf news reporter on staff everyday.)
  • You are backed by the most ridiculous guarantee in golf – Doubly risk free guarantee: If you are not happy, I’m not either. Let me know anytime in the first 30 days, and, I will refund your money. PLUS give you an entire second month free for wasting your time. And you can cancel anytime you wish (although I doubt you will want to).
  • Time is a factor. There are only 47 licenses left, and once they are gone, they are gone… Audios. Ciao. Sayonara. Bye-bye. Odds are... once your competitor starts working with me you will never have the opportunity to join this program again. (Because no one has ever quit)
  • You’re getting $450 in bonus marketing and consulting if you are one of the first 5 to sign up. You get: “Consulting Kick-Off Call with yours truly”, “How To Get More Likes, Emails, And Tee Times Using Facebook Ads” and “Customer Crossover Email”. You’re easily getting $2,750.00 worth of value for ONLY $297.

Will you be one of the select few who will exploit this opportunity in your market? Would you like to take credit for turning your course around?

If so, it’s easy to take advantage of this unbeatable opportunity, click here. Sign up securely online and we will get started right away. Remember, this is absolutely risk free, so you have nothing to lose.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express gladly accepted. Make this your most profitable year ever by investing into working together – Click here.

Questions? Call Me Directly, Toll Free:

1-855-480-GOLF (4653)

Sign Up Risk Free!

You'll Be Glad You Did


Common Questions:

Here are the answers to the most common questions, and additional details about me being your social media manager. If your question is not answered here, please contact me personally by email: or by phone, toll free: 1-855-480-GOLF (4653).

If I already have a social media manager, do I need this? +

You only need my help if you are NOT posting to your page at least 5 times DAILY.

Facebook has become more and more saturated with information. If you are not posting content to your page at least 3-5 times daily, you are missing valuable opportunities to reach more golfers.

People use Facebook because they want entertainment. They are passing time. They want to see great information, great content, and to be entertained. If you are posting great information, you cannot post to frequently.

I am a perfect supplement to what your social media manager is already doing. In fact, I recommend you have a social media manager to respond to all the new messages and comments we will get.

Your social media manager will act as your on-site news reporter, and I will act as your off-site news reporter, promoter, and content creator. (So you can promote your course all you want without being the guy at the BBQ that is constantly handing out business cards... no one likes him.)

What if I don’t like the content you post? +

Simple. If you don’t like the work I am doing for you, let me know. You can cancel anytime. And if you cancel in the first 30 days, you get your money back.

If you are not happy, I honestly want you to let me know.

How does the guarantee work? +

You are backed by my “Doubly Risk Free Guarantee”. That means, you can cancel anytime in the first 30 days and get your money back. No questions asked. No hassles. And I will continue working, for free for 60 days just for wasting the 10 minutes you spent reading this and signing up.

You simply cannot lose here.

Is this different from Andrew Wood’s program? +

As you may know, Andrew Wood endorses a similar program. He has a larger staff that does much of his work for him. I endorse my own work. You save.

You can also expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 times as much. And personally, I don’t believe your Facebook content is worth that much money… even if Mark Zuckerberg himself was creating your content. You should invest in great content. But, you should also invest into Facebook paid advertising (more on this inside and in Bonus #3).

You might also like to know that your investment is safe with me — Guaranteed Happiness. I encourage you to give both Facebook marketing programs a try. See how you like working with me. See how you like Andrew Woods package. Then you decide what is the better value. Be sure to let me know what you think!

Do I have to sign up for all three months? +

Nope. You can cancel anytime you want with no penalty whatsoever.

PLUS, you keep the $450 bonus gifts!

What if I don’t have Facebook? +

We will create a page for your business if you don’t have one yet. It takes about 5 minutes.

Then you can use my “Customer Crossover Email” (Bonus) to send to your email list and we will have Facebook fans overnight!