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Jordan Hansen,
Golf Course Owner

Dear Golf Instructor,

If you want to sell more golf lessons. If you want more eager golfers begging you for clinics. And if you dream of making more money as a golf instructor, then this may be the most important message you’ll read all year!


But before I tell you about this breakthrough system that practically does it all for you.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself, and why you should listen to what I have to tell you.

I’m Jordan Hansen, and for over a decade I’ve lived in and made good money from the golf business. As a golf course owner and operator, I know what it’s like struggling to find golfers keen enough to part with their money...


In fact, my golf course was a “dog” for the first 15 years it was open, before I started helping out. It was losing money every single year and almost put my entire family into bankruptcy.

Then I took over running the golf course in 2009. It was “up to me to turn the course around.” The pressure was on and I had to come up with a dramatic way to bring in eager golfers ready to spend money on green fees, cart fees, membership, lessons, and clinics...

And I had to do it FAST!

I looked at all the options open to me. But one option stood out for me. So I bet everything I had on this ONE option. With that decision made, I immediately devised a system to promote and market my course. The course never had anything like this before.

I aggressively used this system to reach local golfers. And I knew I had to sell them on everything my course had to offer... Quickly ... It was ...


In that first year, we turned a healthy six-figure profit, and since 2009, we have continuously grown our profits and our community of golfers at the golf course!

But why is this important to you?

Listen, like you, I love the game of golf. And after seeing what my system did for my golf course, I realized it could help golf pros like you.

Today I work exclusively with golf professionals, golf courses, management and marketing departments to leverage the power of my marketing system specifically for the golf industry.

I apply these marketing systems for private clients ranging from Top 50 Golf Instructors to Top 100 Golf Courses. But let me give you an example to show you that I’m the real deal.


Scott was just like many Golf Pros. He always wanted to make more money selling golf lessons. Especially since he worked so hard to get his PGA card. He wanted nothing more than paying his bills and treat his family to the good life.

But filling lessons was harder than he thought...

He tried everything: newspaper ads, fliers, spreading the word, and hunting down people on the driving range that looked like they “could use a little help.”

As you can imagine, Scott suffered some seriously embarrassing moments on the range… And even after all his “trying”, he had nearly nothing to show! Scott still wasn’t making money from golf lessons. Certainly not the kind of money he knew he could make.

“There Had to be a Better Way”

Then one day Scott complained to me… He was even considering giving up his dream! He wanted to teach golf. He wanted to make a living as a golfer, but he just couldn’t crack the secret to filling his golf lessons. “There has to be a better way” he said to me. That’s when it dawned on me. My system could work for Golf Pros like Scott. I told him about the work I was doing, and about my system and how well it had been working for my private clients (and my course.)

Scott and I decided to try the very same marketing system to help him sell his golf lessons…


I know this is hard to believe, but within ten days, Scott had seriously enviable results. Any Golf Pro would give up his most prized putter if he could get the same results. In short, after applying the same marketing system I use for private clients, Scott booked half-a-dozen lesson packages for over $700. PLUS he collected 50+ names and emails of local golfers eager to sign up for future lessons. And another 130+ golfers “likes” on his facebook page, and ranked #1 on Google for the keyword “Alton golf instructor”!

The best part was just how easy it was for Scott to get these results!

Even better, you can have the same or even better results.


You may have already figured out that this marketing system relies on the internet. Probably the most powerful and widespread media in the history of mankind. But as powerful as the internet is, you have to know HOW to use it for it to be worth your while.

So let me share with you more about my System...

It works because golfers LOVE to engage with Golf Pros like you. The best, and most cost-effective way to engage with lots of local golfers (without stalking them at the range) is being online. And by now you probably already know people spend nearly ALL their time online and on Facebook!


By using my proven FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER MARKETING SYSTEM Scott was able to attract local golfers, collect their names and emails, and get them begging him for golf lessons.

Now Scott has a large, and ever-growing, list of local golfers lining up for golf lessons and clinics.

All Scott’s lessons are booked up - his schedule is crammed. Plus, he’s charging more for golf lessons than before. He’s filling clinics with ease, and makes hundreds of extra dollars every week without even breaking into a sweat.

Here’s what the FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER MARKETING SYSTEM will do for you:

  • Discover how to get local golfers begging you for golf lessons. Pleading with you to put on clinics and ready to pay you bigbucks for every available golf lesson.
  • You get an easy step-by-step process to follow. How to create a system that will sell golf lessons on autopilot – letting you make stacks of money and allowing you to live the lifestyle you want.
  • REVEALED: Finally discover how to monetize your PGA card and get paid for all the hard work you put into being a Pro...
  • Build yourself a powerful reputation for being “the best golf instructor” in your area by using Facebook – Shockingly simple (but powerful)
  • Spread the word about your Prowess as a First Class Professional – your name will be on everyone’s lips. Golfers will want to hear everything you say, publish and share – In short, your influence grows by the day, thanks to your online Fan base...


If You Worry About An Unstable Income From Golf
(or if you haven’t scheduled enough lessons for the Year)

Let’s face it, golf can be an unstable business. Especially if you rely on golf lessons and running clinics to bring in the money. You never know from one day to the next how many golfers will hire you...


IF you become the most popular golf professional in your area. You see, the “most popular” golf pro will always have a home at a local course. You’ll have your following of local players ready to buy everything you’re selling!

And that’s why you want to promote yourself. But you have to promote yourself the RIGHT WAY. When you follow my FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER SYSTEM, you’ll have local players loving you! Golf courses will pay you MORE MONEY, clients will pay you MORE MONEY, and you’ll sell more lessons and clinics, again making MORE MONEY.

Ultimately, this gives you financial freedom, and allows you to live the dream you’ve always chased!

I believe PGA Pro Scott Schaefer is spot-on with his feedback about what the FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER MARKETING SYSTEM did for him. Here is what he had to say...

WOW! I had no idea facebook could help me sell so many lessons… I sold 12 lesson packages worth over $1,000, got over 190 “likes” on my new Facebook page, and collected over 70 names and emails of local players interested in getting lessons in the first month!! Once I started Facebook advertising the way Jordan teaches, golf lessons sold without effort.

- Scott Schaefer, PGA
- Scott Schaefer, PGA

"I’m enjoying the course and things are going good. I have made my facebook fan page, and I’m really happy with it….over excited!  Module 1.3 is great; I’ve got Melbourne Golf Lessons – Robert Stock. Very cool. Melbourne has 4 million people to sell golf clinics to! Thanks again so much for all of your work with these modules…. they are really making a difference!"

Robert Stock, PGA
Robert Stock, PGA Robert Stock Golf
Ken Pierce, President, GolfGym
Ken Pierce, President, GolfGym

"I just got done with module 1.3, so I went to Google and entered 3 search terms that I have been working on for Tom and he is now 1st or 2nd for all 3 keyword targets where he had been 3rd, 7th & 13th. Now he is dominating Google, Yahoo, and Bing for keyword targets! All because I took your advice in the Facebook Fan-maker Module 1.3 "Becoming Search Friendly""

Susie Good
Susie Good Tom Good Golf Instruction

It’s no exaggeration, you’ll make a ton of extra money if you filled every one of your golf lessons with so little effort. And you’ll never have to worry about money again.

With the FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER SYSTEM it’s possible. This program is content-packed, easy to follow. Online video training in your own Private, Members Only Area where you can access everything, including all the videos, graphics, content, downloads, and bonus resources. I will also send you a full DVD version of all the online training. PLUS you get the ENTIRE Facebook Fan-Maker manual showing you how to MAKE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE A MONEY-MAKING MACHINE. All in a Step-by-Step format.


  • Module 1.1

Building The Foundation

Shows you exactly how to set up your Facebook page to get the most “likes”! Get exposure for your brand. Now you can capitalize on every opportunity to convert someone who sees your page into a “like” – and each “like” has the potential of becoming a paying client...

  • Module 1.2

Likes To Leads

You’ll discover how to turn your “fan page” into a system capturing names and email addresses of eager local golfers, Facebook fans ready to book golf lessons, and clinics. And who will pay you. This is where you build your online fan-base of golfers excitedly waiting to buy from you at the snap of your fingers - Automatically...

  • Module 1.3

Becoming Search Friendly

Leverages the power of Google search and Facebook’s new Graph Search to get even more local golfers’ eye-balls on your Facebook Fan page. Here are more golfers ready to secure lessons with you. I can hear your cash-register chime already!

  • Module 1.4

Creating Captivating Content

You have a step-by-step guide for creating content that attracts golfers. Content that gets “likes,” Comments, Shares, and Clicks to your website, landing pages, and sales pages, building your list of local players even further. All eager to buy from you.

  • Module 1.5

Building Your Audience – Free

Discover the most powerful strategies proven to build your “likes” as fast as possible into a list of raving “fans chomping at the bit” to hear from you, and BUY fro m you...

  • Module 1.6

Strategic Golf Pro Advertising

Don’t waste hundreds of dollars on Facebook advertising. Let me expose the secrets to building a massive amount of “likes” and leads for the least amount of money using strategic facebook advertising; only a small inner-circle of marketing and advertizing pros know about these strategies...


You’ll get these extras that are PRICELESS:

  • COLLECT PAYMENTS INSIDE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE! You’ll never need another website or shopping cart ever again... This magic secret plugs right into your Facebook page. And it’s “PRICELESS” and better yet, it takes less than 10 minutes to get started.
  • GET FRESH LESSON-SELLING IDEAS PROVEN TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS, FOREVER! You get Lifetime access to new, updated methods and strategies inside your Private Members’ area...
  • DISCOVER HOW TO AUTOMATE COLLECTING NAMES AND EMAILS! Of local area golfers looking for lessons.
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As you can imagine, revealing all these online marketing secrets – unique to the Golf Industry and Golf Professionals - would cost a bundle. In fact, previous clients have paid over $3,000 for the same training you’re getting in my Facebook Fan-Maker Marketing System. But you won’t have to spend $3,000. Or even $1,000.

But before I tell you about the amazing offer I have for you, I want to tell you about YET ANOTHER STACK OF BONUS I’m throwing in to prove to you that I’m committed to your success.

  • 1

    EXTRA FAST-ACTION BONUS #1 “Customer Crossover Email Sequence” (Value $297)

    Maximize the money hidden in your newly acquired email list. This 5 piece email series gets all your current contacts “liking” your facebook page. Downloading your content, and begging you for lessons, clinics, and ready to buy your products and services. If you paid a professional writer, you’d pay through the nose, just for this bonus...

  • 2

    EXTRA FAST-ACTION BONUS #2 “Post Grab Bag” (Value $197)

    When you’re in a squeeze and need some sizzling content to post to your Facebook page to further engage your fans; Getting your community talking about you, and get you more “likes” and leads. Then you’ll want to use my “Post Grab Bag.” It Turbo-charges your Facebook page.

  • 3

    EXTRA FAST-ACTION BONUS #3 “Content ‘Done-for-you’ Framework” (Value $97)

    Lays the groundwork and get your facebook page off to the best possible start. Harness this 15 piece content series and build a page your fans’ are raving about!

  • 4

    EXTRA FAST-ACTION BONUS #4 “Advanced Content Strategy” (Value $197)

    Goes beyond basic posting and shows you exactly how to tap into the power of Facebook content marketing. You’ll discover proven ways to grow your page’s popularity, promote your events, and boost fan engagement! All translating into more potential money from selling lessons and clinics...

  • 5

    FAST-ACTION BONUS #5 “11 Content Posting Tips” (Value $97)

    You get 11 secret strategies and concepts when creating your content so you maximize your Facebook page’s ability to grow and capture leads.

Add up these EXTRA FIVE BONUSES and you get $885 worth of Golf Marketing Strategies, Systems, and tools FREE!

I must warn you though, this opportunity won’t last long...

... In fact, I am cutting registration off after the first 100 golf pros who are DOERS, and take action right now!

The best part about the FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER SYSTEM is what it takes to be part of this incredible program. You get everything I have - All $885 of FREE BONUSES - Plus the core FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER SYSTEM for a mere $497 - easy payment terms (You save $1885). But for the first 100 Golf Pros, I’m offering something even better. You can preview the ENTIRE program, at half the price everyone else pays! I’ll send you the Complete FACEBOOK FAN MAKER SYSTEM. You’ll get signed up instantly and get every strategy you’ll need to fill your lesson schedule to overflowing.

Will you be one of the select few to realize these lesson selling secrets? Will you get in on this rare opportunity to help you sell more golf lessons, get more clients, and live a better lifestyle as a golf instructor?

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Whether you have a Facebook account or not. If you are ready to turn your golf ability into a brand and a highly lucrative and successful business. Then the New Golf Instructor Marketing Blueprint FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER MARKETING SYSTEM is exactly what you need!

Don’t wait another minute to make great money as a golf instructor.

Act Now! While this opportunity is still on the table. Odds are, if you miss out on this chance to turn your teaching ability into a business you can be proud of, you’ll hate yourself later... Go here and start living the lifestyle you deserve!


Jordan Hansen,
Golf Course Owner

"Helping golf instructors monetize their teaching ability.”

REMEMBER this rare opportunity is ONLY extended to the first 100 golf pros, so act now!

If you are one of the first 100 Golf Professionals to register for the FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER SYSTEM, I’m throwing in an EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS. MY “Graphics Grab Bag” (Value $497) Professional artwork you can immediately use for your content, Facebook pages, and content pages. This artwork alone is worth the entire program’s registration... PLUS I’ll even give you the secret ad that sold $700 in golf lessons in 2 days for less than $2 (WITHOUT discounting...) - $297 value - FREE

You are protected by my HOLE-IN-ONE GUARANTEE! If you’ve ever had a Hole-In-One, then you know the thrill of it. Or if you’ve seen someone hit a hole-in-one, you know the look of disbelief on their faces. Shocked. Stunned. And THRILLED! And that’s how you must feel about the FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER SYSTEM. You must be thrilled to bits at how easy it is to get new students to sign up for your golf lessons and clinics! But even better than a Hole-in-One, you can repeat the magic over and over again. All thanks to the FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER SYSTEM’S genius. The best part is, you risk nothing for trying out the FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER SYSTEM. I believe in over-delivering. And I want to prove it to you.

Let me ship you the Complete FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER SYSTEM for Golf Professionals. Try it!

PLUS, GET INSTANT ACCESS TO MY PRIVATE ONLINE MEMBER’S AREA where you get step-by- step videos and easy secret strategies. All with one purpose: To help you fill your lessons and clinics. Call me now on 855-480-GOLF (4653) and let the FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER SYSTEM revolutionize how you make money from your clinics and lessons. Do it now! Click here, get your copy of the Facebook Fan-Maker instantly. I look forward to getting you started with the breakthrough FACEBOOK FAN-MAKER SYSTEM...

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You Owe It To Yourself!