How to Increase Golf Rounds

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If you’re strapped for time, the two minutes you take to read this blog will be one of the smartest moves you make all year…

Jordan Hansen here, President, Ace Golf Marketing.

We have created over $500,000 worth of advertising and marketing for clients across the globe – ranging from Golf Digest Top 100 courses to Mom ‘n’ Pop shop clubs.

Here are three steps we have learned to booking more rounds:

1. Send more email. Clients sometimes worry about sending too much email. Let me share something with you – sending frequent email makes you money. It books you tee times. It keeps you top of mind. It cultivates relationships. It is the secret sauce to ROI and rounds at your golf course.  If sending email is the ‘Holy Grail’ to booking more rounds, then …

2. Collecting more emails … must be the alter on which it is placed. All Arthurian literature aside, the size (and relationship) with your email list is directly proportional to the number of tee times you book every month. The little-known secret sauce to list building is your offer, landing page, and ease of data capture. After optimizing landing pages for dozens of clients, we have seen email capture rates skyrocket to 35% and higher. That means 1 in 3 golfers who visit your website, leave their email…

3. Automate your offers. By automatically offering your newly captured emails a one-time offer with a time-sensitive deadline you can turn a seemingly worthless email into cash in your register. We take it a step further by moving one-time customers into course evangelist who love giving you their money every week, bringing friends, and referring family, colleagues, and other golfers.

Here’s your Invitation:

At Ace Golf Marketing we refuse to have UN-happy clients. And that’s why I ask you to jump on a call with me to see if we are right for each other… 

If you are a public golf course who needs more rounds, revenue, and net returns right away, I have a comprehensive online golf course marketing system that will bring you more players, emails, and referrals, guaranteed.

But you must act FAST. 


Because I only work with a small handful of private clients at any one time. And often times my schedule fills a year in advance.


Yours for more rounds,

Jordan Hansen
Ace Golf Marketing

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Jordan Hansen

President at Ace Golf Marketing
World-renown for creating wildly profitable promotions for golf courses across the globe with no money out of pocket.
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Jordan Hansen

World-renown for creating wildly profitable promotions for golf courses across the globe with no money out of pocket.