How To Win More Golfers

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Thursday, 10:17 PM
October 23, 2014

In this week’s read I just finished the famous Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends & Influence People.”

After 75+ years in print, this is a classic.

And for good reasons you will soon see…

… As you can see by the name of this post “How To Win Golfers,” I have taken key insights from this book and shaped them into applicable recommendations for modern day golf courses who want:


The days are long passed where your staff can act like they are “on a pedestal” and your customers are not equals to them.

It’s no wonder that golf courses struggle… when many customers feel like they are treated badly in the pro shop and by golf course staff.

Mr. Carnegie’s book has one HUGE TAKEAWAY wrapped around it—Treat Others Right and They Will Treat You Right. It is the same concept we were taught in grade school and by the bible.

Read on to see how you can use these…

14 Shockingly Simple Secrets to

  1. Do not condemn golfers at your course. Rather try to understand why they did what you did not like…
  2. Make golfers feel important with honest and sincere appreciation for their business.
  3. Show a genuine interest in your golfers. Remember names, birthdays, jobs, and make it known that you know and care for your customers.
  4. Make a good first impression with your golfers: SMILE
  5. Be a good listener and encourage golfers to talk about their game when you can.
  6. Talk about golfers’ interests, not your own.
  7. Always make your customers FEEL IMPORTANT
  8. Never argue with a customer—listen patiently with an open mind.
  9. Don’t ever say “You’re wrong.” Use a little diplomacy.
  10. If you are wrong, admit it.
  11. Be friendly.
  12. Try to see things from your customers point of view.
  13. If you must address fault, start with praise and appreciation.
  14. Talk of your own mistakes before criticizing the golfer.

As you can see, these “laws of life” are quite simple. Though it seems, in the golf business, we often forget how to treat our ever so important customers.


Bookmark this page. Read through these 14 points to win more golfers often. Have your staff read them. Print them out and have everyone sign off on how they are expected to behave at your course.

In all likelihood, you will … WIN MORE GOLFERS

Sincerely yours,

Jordan Hansen
Golf Course Marketing

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World-renown for creating wildly profitable promotions for golf courses across the globe with no money out of pocket.