How YOU can use Jeff Bezos’s $157.52B model … for FREE

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Jeff Bezos, 30 years old, started Amazon in 1994 in his garage.

He took the lead of faith … quit his job and started his own internet company…

How Amazon Got Started

“The wake up call was finding this startling statistic that web usage in the spring of 1994 was growing at 2,300 percent a year. You know, things just don’t grow that fast. It’s highly unusual, and that started me about thinking, “What kind of business plan might make sense in the context of that growth?”

After making a list of the ‘top 20′ products that he could potentially sell on the internet, he decided on books because of their low cost and universal demand. It turns out, it was just the beginning…..

Amazon’s Funding

“The first initial start-up capital for came primarily from my parents, and they invested a large fraction of their life savings in what became And you know, that was a very bold and trusting thing for them to do because they didn’t know. My dad’s first question was, “What’s the Internet?” Okay. So he wasn’t making a bet on this company or this concept. He was making a bet on his son, as was my mother. So, I told them that I thought there was a 70 percent chance that they would lose their whole investment, which was a few hundred thousand dollars, and they did it anyway.”

Amazon Today

Bezos’s is valued at $157.52B (Yes, that’s BILLION). Jeff’s personal net worth rings in at $33.4B…

…It all began as opportunity he saw in 1994 at the age of 30.

Today I’m inviting you to get in on an opportunity.

It turns out I am 30 years old. Also turns out that the very same technology that Jeff Bezos uses at is the same technology I’m using to power my new trademarked system, and you can use at your golf course.

How YOU Get Started

The wake up call must be that 9 of 10 golfers are on Facebook … yet almost no courses know how to effectively use Facebook ads to reach them.

Which means …

The opportunity right now exists on Facebook … and the ability to reach 10,000’s of avid golfers in your market, drive them to a landing page, capture their email, and turn them into loyal patrons of you course — automatically.

YOUR Funding

The start up capital has already been provided by ME. I’ve spent 7 months and about $25,000 developing this system. I’ve worked with clients across the globe … from Golf Digest Top 100 courses to Mom ’n’ Pop clubs … I’ve tested and measured over $500,000 in marketing and advertising … and I’ve cracked the code to delivering MORE PROFIT GUARANTEED.

Future YOU

Imagine … 12 months from today … you take the leap of faith — we work together in 2015 and your accountant asks you what your newly discovered “secret” is because your play is up and net profit increased by $87,000.00…

How does it feel?

Now here’s the good news:

You can use my trademarked system — the same technology uses to grow your business this year … if you act FAST.

You need to take action today, while reading this email, because I’m only accepting a handful more clients this year. The system takes me four weeks to implement. That leaves us at March 11th launch date … perfect timing to kick off golf season.

You deserve more success in the golf business, don’t you?

Click Here, Let’s Talk …

Jordan “Guaranteed ROI” Hansen


You know how I’m different than ANY other golf course marketing company in the world?

I put my money where my mouth is.

As I mentioned, I’m funding everything … my staff and I do $14,147.00 worth the work up-front, FOR FREE to set this system up for you.


Sound fair enough?

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World-renown for creating wildly profitable promotions for golf courses across the globe with no money out of pocket.
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World-renown for creating wildly profitable promotions for golf courses across the globe with no money out of pocket.