A VITAL Message for Golf Course Owners and Operators … Discover How To …

Say Goodbye to GolfNow.Com, the Discounters, and All the Other Money-Sucking Parasites Who Want to Steal Your Money and Decimate Your Tee Sheet

If you would like to...

  • Attract More Avid Golfers—According to the National Golf Foundation 26% of Golfers Are Accountable for 76% of the Rounds Played—Imagine more of these players preferring your course...
  • Increase Your Profits Without Wasting a dime on marketing ... Imagine a GUARANTEED ROI ... One Client Saw Net Profit Skyrocket by $29,743.00 in Just 29 Days
  • Convert customers into course evangelists who play 80% of their golf at your club, who refer friends, and who are responsible for 80% of your revenue

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August 28, 2014

From the Desk of:
Jordan Hansen
San Diego, California

Dear Friend in the Golf Business:

…Imagine beating GolfNow.com once and for all – filling empty, cancelled, and undesirable tee times … closing the costly gaps on your tee sheet within minutes without emails, without trade times, and without expensive marketing...

…what if you could fill those empty tee times within the next 10 minutes. Imagine having a list of eager golfers who can’t wait to book your tee times…  that are loyal patrons of your club week in and week out… And the best part is—you don't risk a dime for trying out this new trademarked system...

Perhaps this is you ...

  • …YOU are sick of third parties stealing your tee times and selling them for dirt-cheap... YOU want to book more tee times for the price you choose
  • …YOU are tired of golfers playing your competitors—and you’re ready to see better golfers playing your course more often…
  • …YOU feel that heavy third party discounting is killing the price you can charge for a round of golf... Imagine attracting more golfers that are NOT price sensitive … and willing to pay more for a round at your course…
  • …YOU are worried golfers are turning to GolfNow.com, and other discounters to buy tee times rather than you. Imagine filling 80% of your tee sheet without using these rack rate vampires…
  • …YOU use GolfNow.com, golf18network.com, teeoff.com, lastminutegolfer.com, groupon.com, and other discounters because you need help filling tee times. Soon you’ll be waving goodbye FOREVER to all the money-sucking discounters…
  • …YOU may be concerned about the financial instability of your golf course... Finally YOU can do something about it … —YOU can start making a good living in the golf business starting today…

But I must warn you, what you’re about to read next may shock you…

What every golf course operator ought to know about “Old Tom Morris”

Old Tom Morris

$4 Tee Times on LastMinuteGolfer.com
(GolfNow.com's sister site)

GolfNow.com’s “Old Tom Morris” continues to cause irreversible damage to the price course operators can charge for a round of golf. In a recent advertisement on national TV, Old Tom Morris describes golf course rates as “preposterous”…

Old Tom Morris is criticizing golf course pricing. And as you may know, GolfNow.com is owned by Golf Channel who is owned by multi-billion dollar media GIANT NBC… With a bottomless advertising budget to implant negative pricing perceptions in the minds of millions of golfers… it’s like David against Goliath…

...More, GolfNow.com bought out LastMinuteGolfer.com which will be used as GolfNow.com’s sister website to sell tee times within 48 hours for as low as $4/playerThese courses normally charge $40, $50, or $60+ (Now that's “preposterous”(!). Profitability is dead as a dodo so long as you participate in this discount war.

But it’s not your fault that GolfNow.com’s multimillion-dollar budget is stealing your golfers with clever advertising, sneaky salesmen, and ridiculously cheap golf... They are part of a global, multi-billion dollar media company with a bottomless budget…

Here’s the good newsYou can beat GolfNow.com at their own game … you can attract golfers that are not price shoppers … and you can watch your profits skyrocket. 

Course Owner Cracks the Code
to Selling More Tee Times

You may not know me, but by the time you’re done reading this page you’ll be glad we met.

I am a golf course owner as well. My family has been in the golf business for over 20 years. I know what you’re going through... and right now I am helping golf course owners and operators like you beat GolfNow.com and you can join these courses.

I’ve worked with golf courses across the globe, from Golf Digest Top 100 Courses to Mom and Pop Clubs, created over $500,000 worth of marketing and advertising, and, in many cases, turned each $100 into $600, $700, and even $1,000.

Today I am the most sought after golf course marketing consultant famous for creating wildly profitable promotions with NO money out of pocket…

I help golf courses eliminate wasted marketing spend, tear away from third party discounters, and STOP making stupid, costly marketing mistakes...

Now you know who I am, and who I help… Let me explain how we can add more golfers to your tee sheet daily.

Apply this course-tested system
to start filling tee times tomorrow

The system I am about to give you is quite simple … It is clever. It is powered by the most intimate form of communication, yet most underused... (It’s NOT what you think!)

…which creates an incredible advantage for you.

Imagine selling tee times ON-DEMAND. Whenever you want... Imagine golfers so loyal they rarely want to play anywhere else

Plus, get these benefits:

  • Say goodbye to time consuming emails.
  • Do AWAY with costly advertising.
  • Stop spending money on expensive marketing.
  • QUIT trading tee times.
  • No gimmicks. No catch. EVER.

Attract Golfers That Want to Play YOUR COURSE

…at the price and times you choose!

Imagine how good you will feel beating golfnow.com … with your own genius tee time selling system. (So you’re NOT giving away golf through a third party... you can STOP destroying your price integrity… and QUIT eroding your profits.)

You can finally watch play and profits stack-up by...

Leveraging what may be the Most Powerful “FORGOTTEN” Business Principal Known to Mankind

In 1906 Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto discovered the “law of the vital few”. The 80/20 Power Principal applies to almost everything you can count…

Here’s a great example.

Studies conducted by the Boston Consulting Group in 2012 reveal the 80/20 principal holds true with golfers… According to the recent study, 26% of golfers are “Avid” playing 25+ rounds per year. Consequently, that 26% of golfers account for 76% of total rounds played. 

Think about your best customers … approximately 20% are responsible for 80% of your revenue … now imagine if you could double, triple, or even quadruple these core customers.

What would your bottom line look like? At the very least it would double, wouldn’t it?

This is your chance to discover a system that identifies 20% of customers that drive 80% of your revenues… and DOUBLE this customer segment—resulting in more “Avid” golfers in your area preferring your course and spending more money with you… turning your customers into course evangelists …


The Masters Club

The Masters Club™ is a loyalty program, similar to the model used by billion dollar companies such as AAA, Sam’s Club, and Costo but for golfers–and much more lucrative … immediately The Masters Club identifies your very best customers … it seeks out enthusiastic golfers in your area and it positions your golf course as the “go-to” place to play, find a game, and to meet other golfers.

As you can imagine … when you have a club where golfers meet other golfers, where you can communicate offers with these core clients within 5 minutes on an intimate level … you can sell more tee times and bring more golfers through your door than you ever thought possible!

The Masters Club weeds out the discount seekers and creates loyal patronsLessening price resistance—so you can charge more for golf. It eliminates middlemen rack rate vampires… and creates a social network of golfers who want to meet other golfers and play your course…

… The benefits to your golf course are nearly endless if you are the first in your area to rollout The Masters Club™.

Golfers won’t want to play anywhere else!

If you go on doing what you're doing now
you are very likely to go on getting the
same results you are getting now

You can’t rely on third parties; on the economy to rebound, and hope more people take of up the game to pay your bills and your salary. It’s not a safe bet … 400,000 golfers quit in 2014. Five hundred golf pros fired from Dick’s… Wouldn’t you like to take matters into your own hands?

Listen: We are all in the golf business for ONE REASON … to make a good living, live a good life, and provide for our families and ourselves.

This is your turn to control your destiny in the golf business just like Jim, Dave, Scott, Mark, Jessica, and many others have…

Jim was a lot like you and I… He had his doubts. He had been burnt in the past by “gurus” and “consultants” and the local ad reps… But Jim couldn’t pass up my I-R-R-E-S-I-S-T-I-B-L-E risk free offer. He sat his doubts aside and watched $29,743.00 accumulate in his bank account over 29 days. ALL PROFIT.

Jim Mason
Pendleton Golf Club

Dave was also skeptical at first. He didn’t have a penny to waste on marketing that would not bring him a good Return On Investment… but he needed help selling his program, fast! Dave hired me and as a result we were able to sell $24,753.00 worth of golf in 10 days… in the middle of winter online!

Dave Bachmann Jr.
The Bull at Pinehurst Farms

Are these course owners and operators any different than you? No they are not. They represent people just like you and I who want a better way to make a good living in the golf business. The one thing they did was put their doubts aside and gave working with me a try.

If you too can sit your doubts aside for a short time, you will soon discover the power of The Masters Club™

Your message will NO LONGER fall on deaf ears as with old email inboxes... Opt-outs. Spam complaints … and emails that are not read for days… by that time your unfilled tee times are long passed... You missed your opportunity to sell those tee times ... and as a result you lost $1,000s...

When you match the right offer to the right golfers at exactly the right time with the right medium you will EXPERIENCE TEE TIME SELLING POWER like never before… without high pressure sales, without annoying emails, and without heavy discounting!!!

At Last! You will have complete control to fill your tee sheet when you want!

17 Reasons The Masters Club™
is a Win-Win For You and Your Customers

  • 1

    Discover your best customers—

    the 20% that are responsible for 80% of your revenue so you can maximize profits, reward patronage, and cultivate relationships with your best customers quickly and easily.

  • 2

    Multiply your best customers …

    The Masters Club moves avid golfers in your area to your course … Doubling, Tripling, or even Quadrupling your core customer base.

  • 3

    Capture greater “share of wallet” –

    finally watch other courses become irrelevant and suddenly golfers make your course their first choice.

  • 4

    Reduce price resistance—

    Astonishingly enough … these golfers are not price shoppers. They play at your course because they like you and The Masters Club … NOT because you are the cheapest.

  • 5

    Create rare, unbreakable, loyalty with local golfers

    … this is the secret to your long-term success for many years to come.

  • 6

    Expose avid golfers to other local players

    with your New Social HUB … Golfers will now have new friends to play with at your course—You don’t even have to make the introduction!

  • 7

    Move more pro shop merchandise—

    Masters Club Members want to patronize your course by taking advantage of exclusive offers, early access, and special ordering.

  • 8

    Attract golfers that feel ownership within

    your club and want you to succeed … gladly offering you feedback, sources for ideas, improvements, and new ways your course will stand alone as the place to play.

  • 9

    Increase participation in your tournaments

    ... leagues, weekly games, and events for years to come … these are players who want to partake!

  • 10

    Control your tee sheet—

    Open tee times? Copy, paste, click and watch how fast you can add 10, 20, or even 50 more players to your tee sheet—closing costly gaps quickly…

  • 11

    STOP wasting time trying to think of new promotions

    … At last! A proven marketing plan is painted by the numbers—black and white—clear as day.

  • 12

    Reach 95% of these new avid players within 5 minutes ...

    Putting your offers, tee times, and booking capabilities into their pockets—they can book your undesirable tee times in minutes without going online or calling.

  • 13

    Quit leaving your tee times, your pricing, and your future in the hands of the enemy

    … No more trading. No time consuming emails. No thinking required. Now you control your own destiny…

  • 14

    Waive goodbye to GolfNow.com and all the discounters forever

    … without seeing drops in play… Finally—sell your unfilled inventory without relying on third parties and without constant discounting.

  • 15

    Pay nothing out of pocket for “The Masters Club” –

    I’m giving you the blueprint FOR FREE. If you want my help implementing the system, we can talk about that on our call. What’s more affordable than free?

  • 16

    Prospect potential new members

    Masters Club Members have already taken a step toward joining your club. These are your target customers for full membership … Assentation is only a matter of time…

  • 17

    You will quickly see more golfers coming through the door...

    New avid players coming to your course instead of your competitors… Golfers organizing their own weekly games at your course… Enjoy an intimate relationship with players you’ve never experienced before—giving your golf course a non-duplicable competitive advantage that will last as long as YOU are there.

Sounds amazing don’t it? Yes! You’re right it does…

... And if you are wondering whether or not I can get you results, you might want to watch this video before you apply...

Jim Mason, PGA, Director of Golf

Jim Mason, PGA, Director of Golf Pendleton Golf Club

This Is NOT For Everybody.
Here’s Who I CAN Help:

I’m very happy to sit aside time to give you The Masters Club blueprint. However, I want to be sure you meet the criteria below before scheduling a call with me … so our time is NOT wasted:

  • You must be willing to take my advice.

If your tee sheet is already full, you don’t need me. However, if you have gaps in your tee sheet, if you want to charge more for golf, and if you want stronger loyalty and greater share of wallet, I can help.

  • You must have a good golf course.

This offer is for courses who have a nice facility. If your course is without grass, has a bad reputation, or not “up to par” this opportunity is not for you.

  • You must have at least 2,000 emails.

The larger your list, the better. As long as you have at least 2,000 responsive golfers on your email list, we can easily sign up Masters Club Members by the droves. These new Members will be eager to meet other golfers, play more, and refer their friends to your course.

  • You must be the decision maker.

That means you must be the General Manager, Director, Owner, etc., and have the authority to hire me if we choose to work together. As much as I’d like to talk to everyone who requests a call, I just don’t have time.

That’s it! Those are all my requirements...

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

If you meet the criteria above and would like for me to give you my blueprint so you can beat all the third party discounters, eliminate your competition, and create a sustainable advantage for decades to come, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Here’s how the process works:

First, you’ll need to fill out an application. Don’t worry, it’s simple and takes less than two minutes. I just need to know more about your golf course, website, facebook page, and current list.

Here’s What Will Happen After That

Once I have your application, you will have the opportunity to schedule a 45 – 60 minute call with me—NO COST. NO OBLIGATION.

During our call I reveal The Masters Club blueprint and deliver a plan to bring you more eager golfers and profits immediately. If you see value in the system, the plan, and working with me, personally, great! We can talk about you becoming a client.

And if you don’t want to become a client, that’s okay too. Rest assured, your time will not be wasted either way… You’re backed by my:



Schedule a call with me, 100% at my risk. If the plan doesn’t have you tickled pink, ready to do away with third party discounters, and eager to start selling more tee times next week… free your mind from worry forever… you will have my blueprint so you can roll out the plan yourself… and there will NEVER be pressure from me to become a client…

… And in the HIGHLY UNLIKELY EVENT you feel I wasted your time, I’ll write you a check for $200 immediately.

You literally cannot lose here.

(By the way – I’ve never had anyone feel like his or her time was wasted. EVER. That’s why I continue to make this offer.) 



This opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed in order to rollout The Masters Club at your course. By next week you can start selling more tee times … and have an edge over competitors that will keep them baffled for years if you take action now.

It is physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of clients … therefore only a small number of course owners can benefit.

You will have a great ADVANTAGE if your golf course is the first to rollout The Masters Club.

Also, you should realize there’s a very large demand for personal one-on-one help from me, therefore:

What I’m offering you is

If YOU would like to double, triple, or quadruple the top 20% of your customers that are responsible for 80% of your revenue…

…If YOU are ready to take your tee sheet back into your own hands and STOP trading away your inventory allowing third parties determine the value of your course…

…. If YOU are ready to REPLACE EMPTY tee times quickly and easily with 10, 20, 50 or even 100 or more golfers EVERY WEEK

… If YOU are ready to quit wasting money on marketing and advertising that doesn’t work and RISK NOTHING by adding a new system you can use to immediately start selling more tee times for absolutely NO COST from your pocket

I would like to invite you to get on a
FREE call with me

I give you a blueprint to finally beat GolfNow.com at their own game, so you can sell more tee times quickly, easily, and cheaply without third parties. At the end of this planning session, one of three things will happen:

  • 1

    You will love the plan

    and choose to implement it on your own. In which case, I wish you the best, and I hope you will keep in touch and let me know how it goes.

  • 2

    You will love the plan

    and ask to become my client, so I can personally execute the plan for you, maximize your results, and you can start to profit from The Masters Club system by the end of next week. If that’s the case, we will knock it out of the park… and that’s a promise. You will see the gaps in your tee sheet disappear—tee times pouring in … and eager golfers coming through your doors by the droves…

  • 3

    If you feel I wasted your time, I will send you $200 as payment immediately

    No questions asked. Your time is the most valuable asset you have, and I promise not to waste it.

It really is that simple
and there’s NO OBLIGATION

Think about this.

The “worst” that can happen is you get $200 for “wasting” 45-60 minutes of your time.

The best thing that can happen is we quadruple your core customer base, lowering price resistance—allowing you to sell more tee times, faster, for more than you are charging now.

As you can imagine, I will get a lot of interest from this offer.

If you want to implement a system that will benefit your golf course for many years to come with absolutely NO RISK TO YOU, click here. Leave your application with me and lets talk.

Talk soon,


Jordan Hansen, President
Ace Golf Marketing

Yes Jordan -- Give me your blueprint!CLICK HERE NOW

You’re still reading, which leads me to believe you would like to create a competitive advantage for your course… Selling more tee times, closing those costly gaps, strengthening golfer loyalty, and increasing the number of avid golfers that prefer your course—doubling your share of wallet

… Imagine how much more you will profit from an extra 10, 20, or 30 golfers everyday. You can have more golfers when you sit your doubts aside for a short time. I give you the blueprint, for FREE. All the risk is on me here. If you love The Masters Club, we can talk about working together. If you want to implement the system on your own, that’s fine too. Either way you come out ahead and there won't be any pressure from me.

If you are like me, very busy, and scrolled to the bottom of this page without reading... here's the deal:

  • You’re about to discover a new system to beat golfnow.com. You can leverage this system in house quickly, easily, and it won’t cost you anything to get the blueprint.
  • Finally—You can double your core customer base over the next 30 days… and double, triple, or quadruple your profits without spending a dollar out of pocket.
  • Leverage the most powerful “forgotten” business principal ever discovered to attract droves of avid golfers to your course – making other courses become irrelevant while increasing your share of wallet…
  • Fill empty tee times faster than a speeding bullet with this unconventional (and overlooked) method your competitors probably aren’t using YET!
  • I have set aside some time to talk to you, personally. On our call, I GIVE YOU the blueprint to boost your course’s profits immediately. You will sustain a competitive advantage over your competitors for many years to come…
  • There is NO OBLIGATION… if you like the system, we can talk about working together. If you feel like I wasted your time on the call, I will pay you $200 immediately. You simply cannot lose.

You should know that the reason I’m able to do such a good job and get such great results for my clients is because I only work with a small handful of them at a time.

As much as I’d like to work with “everyone”, I simply cannot accept more than a few clients and still maintain the level of service you NEED to get the results we want.

There are close to 30,000 golf course owners, operators, and managers in my network, and my time to work privately with clients is extremely limited.

I have a few spots available to help serious golf course owners and operators.

I’m sure you are excited to sell more tee times, attract better players, become the Social HUB for golfers throughout your area, and dominate your competition without risking anything and without paying a penny from your pocket

Click here, leave your application—get my blueprint for free—you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it

*** Conversations are granted on first come, first serve basis. ***