Direct Mail Packages

Direct Mail PackagesWhat if you could put your perfect promotion in the perfect golfer’s hands at the perfect time?

Here’s the good news:


Direct mail marketing is a long forgotten method of marketing… which is good for you and I.

It means less competition, more readership, which means better response.

Of course, your message can’t be boring, ugly, or look like anything else golfers are getting in the mail… or else it will end up in the circular file and all your money went down the drain.

With high postage rates, high printing costs, more and more junk mail, it is difficult to get your message read.

If your message is read, it damn well better have strong copy, and more importantly… a STRONGER OFFER. Otherwise, you will lose your shirt on your direct mail investment.

Having mailed over 100,000 pieces of direct mail in 2014 alone, I know what is working for other golf courses.

If you would like to supplement your campaign with a direct mail piece that reaches out and grabs golfers by the collar of their polo, PULLS them into our piece, causes drool to form at the corner of their mouth by the time they read our offer, and give them NO OTHER CHOICE but to pick up the phone to call you and ORDER RIGHT NOW,

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