Email Copywriting

Email Copywriting“Oh no…” you may be thinking… the dreaded email blast. What do I write? Where do I begin?

Oh, I know. I will do a $5 off blast to my list to try and sell some tee times this week.

If you are like almost all golf courses, this is what your email marketing process looks like…

… It is last minute, unplanned, and half-assed. It is a FIRE SALE discount blast to your entire list that almost always falls on deaf ears and goes directly to the circular file of your recipients email provider.

If you have a poor open rate, if you spent too much time on crappy emails… that fail to give you and your course a magnetic personality, if your emails are not read, not responded to, and not acted on…

YOU are NOT leveraging the most valuable asset your golf course owns (besides the course itself).

  • Your every email should provide your reader entertainment value.
  • Your every email should NOT always be a discount.
  • Your every email should be anticipated, read, and acted on by your list of golfers.

Sure, not everyone on your list will respond… but by putting together your email marketing plan, writing and sending compelling copy, beautiful images, and valuable emails:

  • YOU will get more OPENS
  • YOU will get better RESPONSE
  • YOU will have FEWER unsubscribes
  • YOU will sell MORE tee times, tournaments, outings, memberships
  • … and make more money.

Your relationship with your list (and size), is directly related to how much profit your golf course is currently making.

If you would like to use an email system – PROVEN templates – to dramatically reengage your email list, get better response, and STAND ALONE as the golf course that golfers love hearing from, apply to become a client today.


You might also find this marketing promotions calendar extremely valuable for promotional ideas you can immediately swipe, deploy, and profit from.

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