Golf SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

golf seoGolf Course SEO is probably not for you...

Most golf courses hear SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and they think it's the new way to drive more players...

... And that's not your fault. Many business owners, marketing departments, and entrepreneurs also make this mistake...

Let me tell you a short story about "golf SEO"...

When I started my marketing company in the golf niche, I called my business Golf SEM, or Golf Search Engine Marketing.

My specialty was SEO for golf courses, golf products, and golf brands. It was a good start... and I am a good SEO. I have a good team. And we were able to get clients good rankings.

But I realized there was several problems....

... It takes a lot of time to get results.

... There are no promises, which means SEO violates on of my rules for success. And doing SEO falls into the "hope marketing" category...

... If your golf course is not in a competitive market with high search volume, you are WASTING MONEY!!!

There are not many golfers searching for your golf course that have not heard of you... Unless you are in a large, highly competitive market.

I live in San Diego--there are many golf courses, and a high search volume for golf courses in this area. Therefore, golf course SEO would be a good investment.

If we could gain that #1 spot on Google, your course would enjoy more new players, more new leads, and increased revenues for as long as we held that top position!

However, if you are not in a highly competitive market, don't waste your money. Check to see if your course is on page #1 before applying. If you are, please don't apply to do golf course SEO...

... I can help you MUCH MORE than that!!!

Think twice before investing your money into golf course SEO... if you meet the qualifications above and can afford to pay $500/month for golf SEO services, let's talk. I can get your course high rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.



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