Mobile Marketing

Mobile MarketingImagine seeing open tee times, or getting a cancellation and then filling that tee time with a few simple strokes of your mouse…

This is how easy you should be selling tee times with text messaging.

You can reach 95% of golfers within 5 minutes of sending the text.

Can you imagine? 95%!!! What are your email open rates? Maybe 15% over the course of 5 days…if you are doing okay… Bump that by an 80% increase and shave 5 days off the amount of time it takes your message to reach your market with TEXT MESSAGING.

This is the new trend in golf course marketing. We are seeing REMARKABLE RESPONSE RATES. Which means more tee times sold for you – without time consuming emails, without blank screens, and without the lag time to get emails read.

But wait, it gets better:

Text messaging costs pennies. You can literally send 1,000 text messages for $50. Just think, you only need to get ONE player to pay for the entire 1,000 messages.


You will see 1000% or greater Return On Investment if you allow me to show you how to fill your tee sheet with text.

You don’t pay a dollar out of pocket, so you risk nothing.

… And you walk away with a list of HIGHLY RESPONSIVE GOLFERS who cannot wait to book your tee times via text.

(You’ll never see open tee times go to waste again – You’ll be SHOCKED at how well this works)

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