Social Media Management

Social Media ManagementLet me ask you a quick question...

How are you to spend time bringing in more golfers?

You’re busy running tournaments, helping golfers, managing staff, and the seemingly never-ending "to-do" list of a golf course operator… especially during busy season…

The quickest, easiest way is to outsource your marketing to someone who has been in the trenches, someone who has worked with other courses (and seen massive success), and someone who owns a golf course.

That someone is me.

I know you are too busy to worry about social media… but you CANNOT DENY the fact that your Facebook presence is critically important to your course’s profitability.

Facebook is the single best media I use time, and time again to power every promotion I do for clients… from memberships, to filling tournaments, to selling tee times, and selling widgets (offers).

YOU must have a solid presence on Facebook to sell more golf... To build your database... to reach more golfers... and attract more golfers to your course, instead of the course down the road...

… Let me go to work for you. To handle your social media presence. I will create all your content; I will entertain, engage, excite golfers and bring them to your golf course.

My average clients are seeing a 453% average increase in golfer reach (imagine reaching 4x more golfers than you are now… don’t you think it would help?), Enormous Engagement (406% average increase), and more new Fans than ever before.

… And the best part is… You can plug your promotions in “at will”. I am already posting great content to your page daily, so when you see a gap in your tee sheet, want a few more teams for your next tournament, or have any promotion you want MORE PLAYERS for, you simply plug your promotion right into Facebook!

You see, if you are always promoting yourself, your fans will leave as quickly as they came. NO ONE LIKES to be sold to… constantly…

… If I am entertaining them, they will think highly of your course, they will see you as a great page to interact with, and think favorably of you … rewarding you with their business!!!

Put me to work for you. Try me out. I’m sure you’ll be happy!

...And if you aren’t thrilled with all your new Facebook activity, all the new fans, all the comments, likes, and engagement I get for your Facebook page … free your mind from worry forever … simply let me know and I will give you your money back … PLUS work free for an extra 30 days.

You simply cannot lose.

Give me a shot. You won’t be sorry.

I have ONLY a few spots for private clients and they go FAST… plus the deadline is always at the end of the month, so the window is about to close if we are near the end of the month. Once it closes you will have missed out on the opportunity to drive more play, to dominate your competitors with Facebook, to collect more emails, sell more banquets, outings, and build your business.

But remember, in the great book of time there is but one word “Now” so call me directly—(1-855-480-GOLF)—or click here to attract more golfers.

Very truly yours,

Jordan Hansen, President
Ace Golf Marketing


If you act now, I’m also giving you $450 worth of bonuses—FREE!

Tee Times. Members. Free Resources.

Which do you want more of today?

Sell More Tee Times
Sell More Tee Times
Attract More Members
Attract More Members
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Free Resource Library