Space Ad Creation

Space Ad CreationSpace advertising CAN be HIGHLY effective.

You may not think so… odds are you don’t, if your local newspaper has been designing your space advertisements.

In many cases, golf courses start a “marketing initiative” by the advertising rep calling and selling them some ad space that is such a great offer they can’t pass up.

Congratulations – your campaign will probably be a failure.

Why? Because this is a back asswards way to do marketing. Your offer always comes FIRST. What are your goals, then your offer, then your medium to reach your target audience.

99% of golf courses do the above completely wrong.

If you already have an offer in mind and would like to leverage compelling copy, time-tested templates, in direct response style…

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I’m willing to bet my ads will get more response than yours every time. If I don’t think I can do better, I simply WILL NOT take you as a client.

With a vast collection of space ads and planned promotions every month, your course will out-market your competition without a doubt.

You may find this marketing promotions calendar useful for golf course marketing ideas you can swipe, deploy, and profit from today.

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Sell More Tee Times
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Attract More Members
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